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ECU Remap's

We are an official agent for one of the UK's leading remap file providers, Quantum have developed there remaps to ensure performance, fuel economy and most importantly reliability

Available Remaps:

- This map focuses on providing optimum fuel economy.

- This map focuses on providing the best of both, giving improved fuel economy with increased performance.

- This map focuses on maximizing performance.


The customer is entitled to a full refund if they are not satisfied with there remap providing the vehicle is presented for a reversal within 14 days of the remap being installed.

For further peace of mind we can provide a 30000 mile warranty, subject to terms and conditions as outlined in the policy agreement.

Price List:

Green remap from =  £199.99 + Vat

Blue remap from =  £249.99 + Vat

Red remap from =  £269.99 + Vat




Don't Buy Anywhere Else:

Don't buy anywhere else until you have spoken to us first, our experienced staff have 28 years of experience in automotive electrics, diagnostics and re-mapping. We can provide you with comprehensive information and support, giving you the full picture, making sure you have ALL THE FACTS !

Contact Details:

TEL: 07917 682507

E-Mail: for general enquiries all products

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