UK IMI ATA Assessments and PAC Advanced Automotive Onsite Workshop Diagnostic Training Courses and Auto Electrical Training

Auto Train Ltd UK Automotive Diagnostic Training and Auto Electrical Repair company that specialize in onsite training for franchised and independent workshops and service departments.

Q. Are your workshops outsourcing jobs they 'Can't Fix' ?

if so this is costing you real money.....?

Most UK companies have already invested, or are realizing that to be viable they are going to have to invest money in diagnostic equipment.  They will also need to train staff how to effectively use diagnostic equipment, such as gas analyses and code readers (Passthru / Diagbox / KTS / wiTECH & More)  As I'm sure you are more than aware this equipment often lies idle through lack of understanding of its capabilities and a poor understanding of the automotive systems to which it is connected to by the technician.

This often results in you outsourcing automotive diagnostic work and electrical repair work to the dealers to diagnose unnecessarily, which has an impact on the profitability of the repair work undertaken.

We can stop this immediately and have a real impact on the quality of your technician's diagnostic service by reducing your automotive diagnostic outsourcing costs (Wasted Money) from day one and increasing profit margins by making use of what diagnostic scan tools you already have and advising you on what equipment you actually need!

Auto Train Ltd Onsite workshop diagnostic training has a range of specialist IMI PAC Accredited diagnostic training courses and services designed to build and develop your technician's core skills in automotive vehicle diagnostics and system fault finding.

Our onsite guided diagnostic training approach is focused on their needs and delivered in a way that your automotive technician will understand and gain maximum benefit. We train onsite, with your diagnostic equipment (Passthru / Diagbox / KTS / wiTECH & More) on vehicles with live faults, so the cost of onsite training is already paying for itself from day one!

Whether you are looking for IMI PAC / Accredited or self certification, all our UK Diagnostic Training Courses Deliver:

An understanding of the systems and components on modern vehicles

A generic understanding essential to diagnosing system faults

The know how to diagnose system faults with a scan tool

The ability to diagnose and rectify automotive vehicle and system faults with confidence

The ability to use the gas analyzer and moke machine as a FAST diagnostic tool

The knowledge to use the scan tool and other diagnostic equipment

Diagnostic equipment training

Motivation and development as supported by the IMI PAC / Accredited standard

Each course contributs 7 - 14 - 21 hours towards your CPD obligations


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