UK IMI Accredited and PAC Advanced Automotive Onsite Workshop Diagnostic Training Courses & Assessments

Services We Provide

All workshop courses are certified to IMI PAC standards and can be used to support technician's development towards achieving the IMI Accredited Standard in SMT / DT / MT / ACRH & Contribute to CPD....

UK Services:

Automotive Systems knowledge Courses (CPD)

Automotive Diagnostic and Auto Electrical Repair Advice

Independent Engineers Reports

Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Advice

Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Training Courses

VRQ Air-Conditioning Refrigerant Handling Assessment

IMI L1 L2 L3 & L4 Electric / Hybrid Guided Learning & Assessments

Free Technical Support Line ! no premium rate numbers or subscription service fees, all we ask is that you use one of the above services on a frequent basis.

Auto-Train Ltd

All UK services are delivered onsite by IMI Certified Automotive Engineers with over 40 years experience in automotive diagnostic, training and development / vocational assessment.

We are proud of the services we provide and our first time visit repair rate is the key to our success,we are diverse allowing us to provide our clients with a one stop shop closed loop service.

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